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4 Fall Activities in the Cincy Area

Bored out of your mind? Looking for SOMETHING to do this fall? Then look no farther, because the Cincinnati area probably has something for you to do. Fall is the perfect time to get out and experience the many different events around Cincinnati. Whether you are looking for something you can do with your family or friends, Cincinnati has it. Here are just four of the many different events that will keep you entertained this holiday season.

1. 5K Zombie Run

For all those into getting a little more physically fit this season, look no furthur than the Habitat for Humanities’ 5K zombie run. This event, as well as several others, is hosted by Coney Island. The goal of the race is to avoid zombies while trying to complete the race. You have three flags and once zombies have taken each flag you can’t win. The winners are the first male and female to complete the race with at least one flag. For students the price to run is $20 and for adults is $45. When you register you recieve a race t-shirt, parking, a ticket to Coney Island’s Falloween Festival, a food ticket, two drink tickets, and sponsor gifts.

2. The Ohio Renaissance Festival


Village at the Renaissance Festival

If you are looking for a trip back in time this October, then the Renaissance Festival is the place for you. The Ohio Renaissance Festival is an annual event in Harveysburg, Ohio. The village is recreated to resemble 16th century England. Famous figures such as Queen Elizabeth I and Robin Hood can be found at the event. While there, you can experience comedy shows, jousting, and much more medival entertainment. The festival is also known for its hugh food, such as Giant Turkey Legs and Steak-On-A-Stack. The festival will last till October 19th and the cost of tickets for children (age 5-12) are $9.95 and for adults (age 13+) are $21.95 at the gate.

3. McGlasson Farms


McGlasson Farm Stand

The fall season is the perfect time to get fresh fruits, vegetables, and pick out the perfect pumpkin. You can do all of this at McGlasson Farms along Route 8 in Hebron, Kentucky. The farm grows high quality food right beside their stand. There is apples, corn, tomatoes, and more. You can get fresh produce, at the farm, from July to October. Also, starting in October, on the weekends, they have live music and entertainment. If you are looking for the perfect place to find your soon to be Jack-O-Lantern this month, then look no farther than McGlasson Farms.

4. The Dent Schoolhouse


People waiting in line for the dent school house.

For everyone who likes a good scare, then check out The Dent Schoolhouse. This haunted house has been listed the best inCincinnati and has been listed #7 on haunt worlds top 13 scariest haunted houses. The attraction is based off the true story of a janitor, Charlie, at the Dent school who took many students and killed them right there in the school. Sophomore Leah Johnson said that The Dent Schoolhouse was, “Absolutely terrifying! It was still really fun though.” Sydney Blair, another sophomore, said this about the attraction, “Amazing and horrifying at the same time! They kept with the storyline about the janitor and the kids, and so it seemed realistic. It was so much fun and really scary!” This haunted house is open till the end of October and the cost of a regular ticket, which includes two attractions, is $20.
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– Sara Harper