Review: Marshall Mathers LP 2


Joe Macejko reviews Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP 2.

Marshall Mathers, also known as Eminem or slim shady, hasn’t made an album since 2011, Bad Meets Evil Hell The Sequel, which was one of his best works, but it wasn’t an independent album. The last independent album that Eminem made was Recovery, and it turned out to be a huge success as Eminem made songs with deep lyrical meaning about his recovery from near death experience with drugs and the many failed relationships. For awhile nobody has heard from Eminem until September of 2013 when a commercial aired during the VMA’s on MTV featuring the release date of the album, the name of the album, and the release date of his new hit single Berzerk which was a song made as a tribute to the Beasty Boys. The new album that came out this week is called Marshall Mathers LP 2, taking the lyrics and the meaning of the songs back to the same style as his very first album ever which was very dark and vulgar as it described his life before he became a rapper. The lyrics on the first LP were very strong, goofy, and inappropriate as he created songs like “Kim”, a song about killing his wife in front of his daughters eyes, and “The Real Slim Shady”, a goofy song with a goofy controversial lyrics. In comparison, the lyrics on the new album have deeper meaning while still including the silly element along with inappropriate lyrics. On a scale of 1 to 10 I’d give this Album a 9 simply because not everybody can understand the meaning behind the songs and the vulgarity of the lyrics, but at the same time every song is pure poetry. Other ratings are shown at the bottom of the page.

Below you’ll find the track list with a small passage describing their theme and what they’re about:

  1. Bad Guy- On the first LP Eminem made a song called “Stan” which described the letters of an obsessed fan who commits suicide over Eminem’s wait to reply to his letters. This song is sequel to the song, “Stan”, about the cousin of the deceased “Stan”, Mathew Mitchell, who is also very obsessed with Eminem. Mathew talks about how Eminem walked out on Stan and left their family in hurt and describing Eminem as a “bad guy”. It took me to the end of this song to realize the actual story behind this song, then after listening to it over again I understood the lyrics further. Mathew describes how this is going to be his final album as he attempts to kill Eminem’s music. At the end Eminem comes to realize that Mathew is simply a part of his conscience who reminds him who he is and who he needs to be. The final lyrics describe how he is trying to recapture the spark that made his career take off. The lyrics for this song are very deep and have a large story behind it. When listening and paying attention to what’s happening in the song one can get chills down their back.      Stan-        Bad guy-
  2. Parking lot (skit)- This isn’t a song it’s simply a skit. On the first LP Eminem had the same skit Which featured him stealing from a convenience store and shooting the employee, and it occurred at the beginning of the song, “Criminal”, which described Eminem’s criminal actions. On THIS album Eminem brings back the skit and tells the end of the story as he gets caught by the cops in a parking lot after trying to make an escape. This short skit describes how criminals usually do get caught in the end.
  3. Rhyme or Reason-This song is a catchy tune that simply shows Eminem’s talent to come up with random lyrics. He describes how describes how he’s not done yet and his job is to take over the rap industry. The song also talks about Eminem meeting his father and Eminem saying he’d like to “knock his head off”. He talks about how he’s hardly changed and he’s still a “criminal degenerate”.
  4. So Much Better- This song is simply about a women that Eminem wishes would be dead because it would make his life so much better. This women has caused him many issues like drinking and sex addiction. In the end Eminem says he’s “just playin” and loves her.
  5. Survival-  This song describes how to survive in the rap industry and how he is better than all of the rappers out there. He describes how he can easily bounce back from diversity. His abilities to rap are like no others in the hip hop industry. He describes how was able to become successful even after dropping out of high school and being able to achieve all of his goals.     
  6. Legacy- This a slower song that describes Eminem’s fight to the top(his legacy).
  7. A*****e- This song talks about the different type of people in Eminem’s life that come off to him as “a******s”. It is catchy song that describes how everyone can see a jerk. Eminem does a good job of calling out all the different types of jerks in life and maybe even in his life.
  8. Berzerk- This song is a tribute to the Beasty Boys who lost a member the previous year. He motivates people to live life to the fullest even when you’re feeling down and want to throw in the towel. The song is describing the side of Eminem that loves to party. The song has a couple lyrics that call out celebrities and caught the presses attention. Does Eminem care? Probably not…                               
  9. Rap God- a song where Eminem is just rapping random verses with a preset chorus for six and a half minutes describing how he is not just the king of rap but the god of rap. Eminem has always been known to rap fast but in this song he really proves he’s one of the best at rapping fast at point 4:23 in this video—–>. 
  10. Brainless- This song describes how Eminem is psychotic and it would be better for the world if they just performed a lobotomy. Eminem talks about how his mom says if he used his brain he’d be dangerous.
  11. Stronger than I was- This song is romantic and describes Eminem fighting for a women’s heart. He explains how he can provide love and affection. This song is slower and really shows the softer side of Eminem.
  12. The Monster- This catchy song featuring Rhianna is about the crazy side of both Eminem and Rhianna. The theme of the song focusses around Carpe Diem and everybody should live life to the fullest like you’re going to die the next day. Rhianna, in the chorus, describes how she is friends with the monster under her bed as if to say she’s ok with partying and living her life to the fullest and nobody can tell her otherwise. Eminem’s verses go with the same idea of Carpe Diem.
  13. So Far…- This song is a mix of different types of back round music and includes very silly lyrics describing how is life has been so far. At one point the song starts playing the music to “The Real Slim Shady” and takes you back to the old days. He says even though he’s had it all he still wont change. He says he will never leave Detroit because he can’t leave the city that’s made him.
  14. Love Game- This song featuring Kendrick Lamar talks about the game of love and how women can instantly change their opinions on men. They talk about how some women want love and some just want a one night stand, and how they can easily say love and not love. Eminem raps about his one night stands with women and how they think he loves them just because of one night. He describes a women who’s just as crazy as he is.
  15. Headlights- This song featuring Nate Ruess from the band FUN, is a slow song about Eminem taking the issues with his mom too far back in 1999 and in 2001. He deeply apologizes for the songs he made about her and his father back in the days of the first LP. He accepts that his mom is gone and she did her best to take care of Eminem and his brothers. He describes how when Marshall was little his mom and he were in the same boat because his father left in a sudden and Marshall was left to be the man of the house. Eminem and Nate say they’re not afraid to die knowing that they’re children loved them.
  16. Evil Twin- Eminem talks about the separate side of him that feels trapped and psychotic. In this song he lets it out and raps about how he’s not going to change the dark side of his personality.
  17. Baby- Eminem talks about how people try to put his feelings aside, so he compares himself to being a baby that gets put in a corner. When babies get put in a corner they throw temper tantrums and that’s exactly what Eminem’s doing in this song. The song is a long temper tantrum rap.
  18. Desperation- This song includes a fusion between country, rock and roll, and hip hop. Eminem talks about how the rap industry hasn’t been doing to well, so people were desperate for Eminem to come back into the game. The song has a unique sound that no other song has; It’s able to sound good even though 3 genres of music are crammed into it.
  19. Ground Hog Day- Eminem basically describes the life in Michigan, specifically 8 Mile Detroit. He talks about his plans with his former friends to join rap battles and work their way to the top of the rap food chain.
  20. Beautiful Pain- This song descries the feeling of bad memories and how some leave scars and some leave cuts that can easily be repaired. He also talks about how coming back into the rap game as singer is hard to do after the amount of pain its caused him. The different types of pain are described throughout the song and how they’re associated with the phrase “a beautiful kind of pain”.
  21. Wicked Ways- This song features a group called X Ambassadors who have a similar sound to Imagine Dragons who are known for their hit Radioactive. The song talks about the wicked ways of Eminem and how they are digging his way to hell. The song has lyrics that describe his crazy ways and thoughts that explain why Eminem is mostly likely going to go to hell. The song is the perfect ending to a great album describing how he’s returning to his wicked ways as opposed to the message that Recovery gave(that drugs were what caused Eminem to say inappropriate things and do inappropriate things). The song ends with a Ken Kaniff skit which were included in the Marshall Mathers LP and the Slim Shady LP that featured a guy who has an erotic obsession with Eminem.

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